Sac à main en cuir



Réf. article : 12923222Couleur : Rouge, bordeauxStyle : CasualVintage : – Matière principale : -Saison : Toutes saisons

Le mot de Tribute To Style :

This Chanel Airline Travel Bag in Red is a superb red fur travel bag with two soft black leather handles and a black leather adjustable and removable strap to wear over the body, allowing the bag to be worn in the hand, on the shoulder, or across the person.

Chanel Airline Travel Bag in Red

Color: red

Material: Fur

Condition: very good

Size: One Size

Sign of wear: No

SKU: 199855 / RIOT-191022-006503 / RIOT-191022-006503

Dimensions: Length: 210 mm, Width: 530 mm, Height: 330 mm


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