Sac à main en cuir



Réf. article : 12923233Couleur : Gris, anthraciteStyle : CasualVintage : – Matière principale : CuirSaison : Toutes saisons

Le mot de Tribute To Style :

Hermès purses are famed for its one-of-a-kind designs that exude the label’s sophisticated flare, and their impeccable craftsmanship ensures that their creations last season after season. The Hermes Kelly 32 Handbag in Grey is a gorgeous bag that has been lovingly created and sewn to perfection. The Hermes Kelly 32 Handbag in Grey is a truly sophisticated upgrade for your wardrobe.

Hermes Hermes Kelly 32 Handbag in Grey

Color: grey

Material: Leather

Condition: very good

Size: One Size

Sign of wear: No

SKU: 199860 / RIOT-131022-006468 / RIOT-131022-006468

Dimensions: Length: 120 mm, Width: 320 mm, Height: 225 mm


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